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Steel Frame Kit Homes and more......

Superior Steel Systems is a 100% Far North Queensland owned and operated business which provides a leading edge technology in the manufacture of lightweight steel wall framing and trusses.

 Superior Steel Systems strive to not only meet all all our client's expectations but to surpass them. One way we achieve this is by having the safest, highest quality, most efficient and productive steel framing assembly you will find.  The system is highly energy efficient as well as cyclone rated for loads up to W60C. We easily achieve this while being an ethical and environmentally conscious company within the community in which we live and work.

Superior Steel Systems' products are designed for the domestic residential and commercial market. We back our product with the best after sales service the industry has to offer as well as using 'Bluescope Steel Truecore' splits which are backed with a 50 year warranty.

Superior Steel Systems offer a range of products and services which include the dispatch of load bearing internal and external walls, a full truss design service with truss manufacture as well as the dispatch of roof/ceiling battens. We can also supply flooring systems to suit most applications including sloping sites. We also have a unique, patented method of construction for the residential applications. The method has been cyclone rated to withstand wind loads in our harsh Far North Queensland conditions, therefore it is much stronger than others. This innovative structure is also the most effective on the market today. 

The technology contains all-inclusive design and machine controlling software. 

The wall roll forming machine shapes and punches the wall profile without the use of heat, out of a flat roll of steel as per the shop drawings completed by our steel designer. Our fully trained assembly team in the factory rivet the wall frames together including the bracing components which are then assembled for delivery to site. They are then stood up by the builder or owner builder and tied down to comply with our harsh cyclonic conditions. The tie down components are included in the price unless noted otherwise.

The trusses follow a similar method of creation in that the roll forming machine shapes and punch the truss profile again without the use of heat, out of a flat roll of steel as per the shop drawings completed by our steel designer.  The production team are also trained in the assembly of the trusses which are also delivered to site. The relevant brackets are included with the trusses whether they are to be fixed to blockwork, timber frames or more appropriately steel frames walls.

The trusses are bolted together using 10mm bolts, they are not riveted like the wall frames.The trusses are also fully engineered by the computer design program which incorporates the region, wind load, roof load and spans specified to that particular job.

Why Use Superior Steel Systems:

  • Long Life and Trouble Free 
  • Design Flexibility
  • Easy to Handle and Install
  • Engineered Plans
  • Does not Burn
  • 50 Year Warranty
  • Affordable